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Welcome to Cooper Power Systems

An interruption to service can bring your facility to a standstill even risk the safety of associates, customers and your loved ones. As reliable as a utility power can be, you simply can't afford to gamble.

Since 1966, Cooper Power Systems (a division of Cooper Electric Supply Co.) has provided the tri-state area with emergency back-up and temporary electrical power to millions of customers. Honored as one of the nation's premier distributors of KOHLER Generators, Cooper has built a reputation for meticulous care and on-the-spot service in critical conditions.

Our factory trained technicians deliver quality customer service. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day. We also have flexible hours for start-up, repair and maintenance providing a level of service that meets your expectations.
Cooper Power Systems
42 Cindy Lane
Ocean, NJ 07712

Please be reassured that our phone, fax  and emails remain the same.

Main Line
(732) 774-1058
Emergency 24hr Service
1 (732) 571-8672

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Dedicated to the business of Prime and Standby generator sets, as well as Control and Distribution products.
Mobile generator sets, 20kW up to 2,000kW ready to roll your job site 24 hours a day. Cable and accessories are also available.
Our factory-trained technicians are available for generator start-up, load bank testing, repair and maintenance.