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About Us

    You can’t put a price on piece of mind.

    Whether it’s your home or your business,
    you need to know that when trouble strikes, your family and your business are safe. From a simple power outage, to a devastating act of nature, you can count on KOHLER generators to see you through.
    • Prime Backup & Emergency Power Generators
    • Engineering & Technical Assistance
    • Load Bank Testing
    • Automatic Transfer Bypass Switches
    • Layout & Design
    • Rapid Quotation
    • Paralleling Switchgear
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    Installing an auxiliary power system can raise a lot of questions. That's all right! Your Cooper sales consultant has a lot of answers. From the location of the unit to it's seamless integration into your power grid - the solution is simply a matter of course for Cooper. One phone call opens the door to Cooper's experience, including competitive pricing. COOPER POWER SYSTEMS offers rapid quotations for 10-2800kw generators and accessories for industrial as well as residential applications. With New York and New Jersey sales locations, we're dedicated to the business of selling Prime and Standby Gen Sets as well as Automatic & Bypass Transfer Switches, Paralleling Switchgear and Distribution.

    Our New York and New Jersey sales force are also experts in engineering and technical assistance necessaey to supply your facility with the appropriate back up power AND KOHLER POWER SYSTEMS are backed by comprehensive warranties and the industry's best service support.

    For Emergency service, please call: (800) 843-6435