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Fluid Testing

Proper Fluid testing and maintenance allows our service department to evaluate the internal condition of your system without disassembly. Regular fluid analysis can help with overall system health and prevent system failure. Fluid test packages can be ordered through Cooper Power Systems Service department or as part of your Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Diesel Fuel Sampling

Diesel Fuel is the most important part of a standby generator. Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves.

Scheduled Oil Sampling

Routine oil analysis is important. It helps identify worn out components to help you plan and schedule maintenance repair, resulting in less downtime and catastrophic, costly failures.

Coolant testing

Insufficient maintenance of your cooling system can lead to engine failure. By taking coolant samples under typical operating conditions, your service technician can detect and prevent imbalances in your coolant, and cavitation of the cylinder liners and cylinder block.

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