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626 1st Ave Manhattan – Powering up NYC Skyline!

cooper power systems powering up nyc skyline

lifting kohler generators to the 48th floor of 626 1st avenue, manhattan

kohler generators inside nyc skyline at 626 1st avenue

The 48th floor of one of the towers holds emergency generators that can power each apartment’s refrigerator indefinitely.

Cooper Power Systems supplies Kohler generators to the NYC skyline at 626 1st Avenue, Manhattan. Because of the lessons taught by Hurricane Sandy that high-rise apartment dwellers might be forced to live without power from Consolidated Edison, which provides electricity to New York City and Westchester County, for long periods, there was no question about installing enough emergency generators to power the eight passenger elevators and two freight elevators, the water pumps and lighting in common areas like hallways and stairways.

Together with the developer, Cooper Power Systems and Kohler, supplied generators for enough emergency generating capacity to power the refrigerator in every apartment indefinitely, as well as one outlet in every apartment that tenants can use to recharge their mobile phones, among other things.

To produce that much power, five Kohler 400-kilowatt generators were installed in the west half of the 48th floor of the north tower. They are powered by natural gas. Gas-powered generators do not depend on the delivery of fuel oil, which is transported by trucks and therefore easily interrupted in big storms.

City Point tower 2, Brooklyn

kohler generators arrive on truck to city point tower 2, brooklyn kohler generator on top of city point tower 2 kohler generator on top of 138 willoughby street, brooklyn, ny

The 57-story building powered by Kohler generators, shipped by Cooper Power Systems

Located at 138 Willoughby Street, City Point Tower 2, as it is referred to,  stands just under 700 feet tall and bring 450 market-rate condos to the neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Designed by SLCE Architects, the condo building is one of three residential buildings that are part of the City Point megaproject. Aside from the apartments, the building features retail on the first three floors, all powered by Kohler generators, distributed by Cooper Power Systems. This tower will be one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn.

National Grid Down State Gas Control Center, NY

two kohler generators one kohler natural gas generator and one diesel fuel generator

Critical site responsible for monitoring and control of natural gas distribution in the down state New York region.

Two generator sets, one natural gas and one diesel fuel for maximum reliability.  Gen Set to Gen Set ATS selects priority generator set.  two additional ATS’s provide power distribution and management through the facility.

The only way to provide backup power using Bi-fuel without voiding the manufacturers’ warranty!