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Total Systems integration

A power system is only as good as the parts that define it. That’s why Kohler Power engineers every detail down to the last bolt to help engineers and generator installers –  from generators and transfer switches to paralleling switchgear and controllers, everything works together seamlessly.

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Kohler Generator
Gas Generators
25-1300 kW
Diesel Generators

service automatic transfer switch
Kohler Automatic Transfer Switch
Open, closed and programmed transition operating modes; standard,bypass-isolation and service-entrance switch configurations

Kohler Remote Annunciator
Remote monitoring and testing of transfer switches.

Kohler Paralleling Switchgear
Low and medium voltage

Kohler Decision-Maker Controller
Controls monitors and aids system diagnostics

Kohler Wireless Monitor
Performance monitoring around-the-clock

Kohler Monitoring Software

Monitors generators and transfer switches from a PC

Kohler Decision-Maker Controller
Controls, monitors and aids system diagnostics