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Rental FAQ

Home / Rentals / Rental FAQ How do I Procure a rental?

To procure a rental contact our rental department at (732) 774-1058,Press option #2 for RENTALS. You will be asked to answer questions about your needs, including:

  • Voltage
  • Amp load
  • Cable run from generator to load
  • Delivery location

After receiving the above information, a written quote will be submitted for customer approval.

What are the Rental Periods available?

We can customize rental periods for your job or event! Most rentals are commonly contracted on a weekly or monthly agreement, but we can offer as little as one day rentals.

What are my Payment options?

If the customer has a Cooper Electric account, their account will be billed. If Customer does not have an account, then full payment is due on delivery and payable by check or credit card. All payment is due on delivery of rental unit.

How does Delivery work?

Cooper will deliver the towable generators and cable to the location. The larger containerized units will be delivered by trucking company.

Who sets up the system?

A Cooper Power Systems technician will drop off the units and cable on location and educate contractor/end user on operation. Cooper Power will not make the electrical connections, it is recommended that the electrical installation be performed by a licensed electrician.

What type of Fueling do these units need?

The customer must provide the fueling for the generators which run on #2 diesel fuel. We do recommend fueling companies and offer fueling services for the bigger KW units.

Who is responsible for Maintenance?

The customer is responsible for operational maintenance while the unit is in running mode. The unit must be serviced every 168 hours on smaller units and 250hrs and 450 hours on all bigger units. The units must be shut down to perform these services. If you have any questions about service needs of your generator, please contact the CPS rental department.

Can I use generator rentals for my event?

Cooper power has distribution gear to support events spanning from small weddings and parties to big festivals and works with some of NY and NJ’s biggest event planners. Cooper power will set up the generator and distribution gear and break down equipment for any event for an additional fee.

Are you available 24/7 for emergencies?

Yes, Cooper Power is available 24/7 365 for all emergencies! You can call our emergency hotline after hours at  (732) 571-8672 and an operator will ensure you receive a call back as soon as possible.