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Kohler Certified Start up FAQs

A Kohler Certified Start-up is a post-installation inspection to ensure that all equipment has been installed properly and according to KOHLER’s specifications. A Kohler Certified Start-up includes registration of all equipment in Kohler’s Warranty System.

Why purchase a Kohler Certified Start-up?

  • Extends the warranty period. If a Kohler Authorized Start-up is performed, the warranty period will begin on the day the start-up completed.  If a Kohler Authorized Start-up is NOT performed, the warranty period will default to the day that it was shipped from Kohler’s factory.
  • Protects both end-user and contractor from any issues that might arise due to installation being inconsistent with Kohler’s specifications. Equipment failures caused by installation problems such as improper fuel sizing are not covered by warranty.

How do I purchase and schedule a Kohler Certified Start-up?

  • If you are purchasing a Kohler generator system from CPS, contact your sales representative to order a start-up.
  • If you would like to order a startup for equipment you have already purchased, please contact our Service Department LINK directly.

Who is authorized to perform a Kohler Certified Start-up?

  • KOHLER Authorized Distributor – Cooper Power Systems is a Kohler Authorized Distributor and is authorized to perform start-ups.
  • KOHLER Authorized Dealers – Cooper Power Systems trains and certifies a network of Kohler Authorized Dealers who are also able to perform Kohler Certified Start-ups.

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