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Service and Maintenance

24 Hour Emergency Service
Phone: 732-571-8672

Cooper Power Systems has flexible service schedules to meet each customers needs. We maintain more than 1000 installation sites on a contract basis. Whether servicing the generators, engine, switchgear and automatic transfer switch or by making emergency repairs anytime - day or night - Cooper's factory trained technicians assure efficient generators operation and YOUR uninterrupted electrical power.

Our factory trained technicians deliver quality customer service. We are available for start-up, repair and maintenance providing a level of service that meets your expectations.

Why should I purchase a maintenance contract?

Start – Up / Preventive Maintenance all performed by a trained professional. Cooper Power System Technicians are trained by KOHLER factory personnel and are experienced with KOHLER equipment, procedures and policies. Put your generator systems in the hands of an expert.

Generators require periodic preventive maintenance to ensure long-term, trouble -free operation. Batteries, engine oil, anti-freeze and belts are all subject to deterioration, not only from generator operation, but time itself. Oxidation, corrosion, separation and fatigue all jeopardize your power system’s operation. Oil Changes, fuel and oil filter replacement, air cleaner inspection and anti-freeze checks are very important.

Periodic preventive maintenance saves you money. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs. Hoses, ignition systems, batteries, belts, electronic engine controls, generator electric controls, automatic transfer switches, and exhaust systems all require checks and preventative maintenance performed by experienced service technicians.

Electrical power when you need it.In an emergency, the potential lost your sump pump, fire pumps, HVAC, refrigeration systems, and computer systems can be extremely expensive if the generator systems is not working properly due to lack of preventative maintenance. Remove any doubt or worry when your generator system is maintained by Cooper Power Systems.

Warranty Coverage. The warranty on any generator systems depends on proper installation and maintenance. Count on Cooper Power Systems to ensure your warranty provisions are always met. They use genuine Kohler parts, and keep a permanent record of all service repairs performed.

When you purchase a Kohler generator system from Cooper Power Systems you have more than an investment, you have peace of mind.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Service Department - Ocean, NJ
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Jason Nieves

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New York Industrial:
Ben Evans

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Julie Genovese

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